Invest With Confidence.

Wealth Building Through Multifamily Real Estate Investing!

Our Philosophy

ARC Multifamily Group is a vertically integrated multifamily investment company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, investing in multifamily properties throughout the Southeast United States. 

At ARC we are focused on the three “P’s” – People, Process, and Properties.

We pride ourselves on placing people first. When acquiring a property, ARC commits itself to providing a best-in-class experience for our residents and onsite employees at each ARC asset.

We are a process-driven company, from rigorous underwriting and due diligence of new potential acquisitions, through fundraising and closing on a purchase, and most importantly in the weekly and monthly relentless focus on driving good process towards growing net income, and in turn equity value, at each property. ARC’s focus on great people and process allows us to acquire the right properties, with the goal of doubling an investor’s capital between quarterly cashflow and equity appreciation, over a 5 year property ownership timeframe.

Our mission is to provide wealth and planned income for generations to come.

& Process

With combined experience in residential real estate, we utilize our extensive network of broker relationships, work ethic and detailed underwriting to find excellent investments for our investors.