Acquired as a fractured-condo community, IndiCo Living has transformed the exposure most student-built communities face.  Located directly next to the University of North Georgia, IndiCo Living caters to much more than the hustle and bustle of student life.  Purpose-built to serve the Gainesville campus, this asset was converted to condos during the Great Financial Crisis.  During the first quarter of owning the asset, ARC aggressively sought out to collapse the HOA and restore the ‘community model’ in early 2022.  Today, this ‘community model’ is just that – a community.  Whether you attend nearby UNG or you graduated 4 years ago and love the co-living concept, IndiCo does it for you.  With 120 units that make up 360 private bedrooms with en-suites, there is a place for everyone to COnnect, COlive and COllaborate at IndiCO.

Acquired: December 2021